Grandmother Died

For about the last ten years my mother’s mother (my grandmother) has had Alzheimer’s. Over the years it has become worse and worse. The past month she also ate less and less. Two and a half weeks ago she collapsed in the bathroom and soon thereafter she was brought to a care home. My grandfather took care of her before that but it was becoming too hard for him. He’s not very young and vital anymore either and my grandmother hardly could do anything herself anymore.

Only a few days after she arrived in the care home she got a bladder infection, soon followed by a lung infection. Last Monday we were informed that she probably would die at the end of this week. Yesterday afternoon I got a call from the home. She had died.

We spent the rest of the day with my granddad. As soon as the busy times end in which things such as her cremation have to be arranged I think he will realise he no longer has a wife. After 52 years there’s nobody there when you get home. To me personally she has been dying slowly during the past few years. She didn’t know anything anymore. Didn’t know who we were, hardly knew her own name. She became more and more silent.

Now the ultimate silence has come.