Google Purchases Youtube for $1.6 billion

Probably everybody already heard about it already, but I’ll post it again: Google purchases Youtube for $1.6 billion. Youtube is the immensely popular video site that since february last year has grown spectacularly. I remember that I tried it out probably soon after it launched. I was looking for a flickr for video. Youtube was not a great site back then, it was written in crappy PHP and I got lots of PHP error messages as I used it. Now it’s sold for $1.6 billion, who would’ve thought…

Some sources say Youtube has a bandwidth bill of $1 million a day, which sounds crazy to me, other sources say it’s a couple of million a month. Still quite a big number. In that sense Google is a good buyer, they have plenty of infrastructure and are used to these amounts of traffic.

Much more on the deal can be found on the different posts on TechMeme.