Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

A couple of weeks back Manuzhai recommended a new drama series on American television called Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It’s produced and no doubt partly written by Aaron Sorkin. Aaron Sorkin is the guy that wrote my favourite American drama series The West Wing. And I can tell you off the bat, if you liked The West Wing it’s likely you’ll also enjoy Studio 60.

If you know The West Wing a bit you will immediately recognize the Sorkinesque style of Studio 60. The spaces, offices, are generally dark but lit from the ceiling. Episodes have named chapters, presented in that same West Wing white on black screen. Once again the story is about a busy organization, this time a studio that produces a weekly comedy show called, surprise, surprise: Studio 60. It’s a show that very much resembles Saturday Night Live. Sorkin also took some actors with him from the West Wing, most notably Bradley Whitford who played Josh Lyman in the West Wing for seven seasons. Aaron adds some other excellent actors: Amanda Peet, Matthew Perry (Chandler in Friends) and Sarah Paulson. Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry play two guys that get hired by Studio 60’s channel NBS, just as a new head of something (I’m not entirely sure what) Amanda Peet starts there too.

If you get the chance, I’d watch this show. It’s probably not on TV anywhere else than the US yet, but I predict it will be. Until then there’s the torrent sites.