First Week as an Englist

Last Saturday evening I came back to Holland. Sunday was spent visiting family and Monday morning at 11 I had the first class of my new studies: English.

I have four classes at the moment: Literature, Linguistics, History and Context of English and Language Proficiency. To be quite honest I like all four of them at the moment, although I only had one lecture and one workgroup session of each of them.

One of the goals of the language proficiency class is to learn to “avoid plagiarism”, I found that interesting goal. How about simply not copying stuff? In some countries on some universities students get taught an accent, this is not the case on mine. We are supposed to “pick an accent and stick to it”, consistency is more important than that your pronunciation is fully South-Dublin Irish or RP. Anyway, I won’t learn how to speak like the queen or a Texan. So maybe I’ll just keep my strange mixture of American, Dutch, Irish and British accents, we shall see — or rather: hear.

It’s nice to study something completely different. I am all the time dealing with language and beauty now. What’s the deeper meaning of this three-line haiku, let’s talk about it for forty-five minutes. Beauty is not a big concern in computer science. There is elegance, but is it art? We once had a long discussion about whether software engineering was art or not with our teacher in Dublin. She felt that it’s not an art at all.

Oh well.

Anyway, so far I’m happy with my decision.