iTunes to Sell Movies Mid-September

According to BusinessWeek, Apple will start selling movies on its iTunes Music Store (I guess by then iTunes Music and Movie Store). This rumor has been around for a while already, however nobody knew the prices. Well people, they’re known now.

$14.95 for new titles and $9.99 for older movies.

My take? I think people will keep downloading movies from peer-to-peer networks if prices stay like that. I’m not blaming Apple for these high prices, I know that the movie production companies wanted it this high, but obviously this is not going to solve the illegal downloading problem. If you have half an hour to spare I suggest you have a look at Steal this film.

A new iPod will probably also be announced:

I would have to guess is that there would have to be a new hardware product to go with such an announcement too, wouldn’t you? Grover says says a “wider screen” iPod is on the way as well.

Ok I’ll continue my cleaning and packing now.