eBook Readers

As I quickly flipped through this article I wondered, why haven’t eBook readers caught on yet? I would love to have a simple, thin, light device with a big screen (preferably around A4) that could just display PDFs. That’s all it has to do, display PDF and allow you to flip through the pages.

The device described in the article costs $650 and that’s way too much. Isn’t it possible to produce a cheap (say around $100-$150) device that you could plug into the USB port of your computer to upload a number of PDFs to. So I could finally switch off the computer and read the files on my couch? As I said it would have to be thin, light, preferably last on a battery for a number of hours. But the screen can be simple, black and white if need be and back lighting would not even be a requirement. It would just be a replacement for paper. I so often want to relax and sit and read a paper, some news, a web page without staring at a computer monitor.

It would only need, say, five buttons: up, down, left, right (you never know if the PDF doesn’t fit the screen) and select. You start the device, select a file to read and go. That’s it.

Does something like this exist in an affordable form?