Innovation in Photos and Videos Online

This recent post on Techcrunch about a new feature of Zooomr called “portals” made me realised how far we are from perfection when it comes to photo and video sharing and generally what you can do with those online.

This is the video that demos the portals feature in Zooomr:

I think around five years ago we had to buy a new TV. My dad said we’d buy a cheap one because soon the digital television would that would completely change the television landscape. Broadcasting would happen through the internet and it would be interactive. But has it happened? A little bit, there is digital television in some areas but it’s not very interactive yet. There’s more and more video material available on the internet and systems like windows media center would allow you to watch it on your television. But the real big shift still has to happen.

Have a look at YouTube for example. It’s a great site. Lots of content. But still all traditional, sit back in your chair video. Why is there no interactive video yet? I think people could have good fun with even a simple way to offer options during the video to change the story line for example. Or by allowing you to click on a door in a room to move to next in videos which try to sell you real estate.

New online flash video sites are being launched all the time, increasingly these even offer ways to edit your videos online using a flash interface. Cut them up into fragments, reorder them, combine them and so on. Wouldn’t it be interesting to allow users to also create simple menus inside the video that determine the next video to play? It would be so simple, yet so powerful.

Yes, I do realise that you do not always want interactive television, sometimes you really just want to sit back. But especially the videos that you watch sitting behind a PC can be made interactive. People probably sit in uncomfortable chairs anyway, they don’t always like sitting back they like to click.

This is such a great time to be a web developer. I wish I still enjoyed programming like six years ago I would be working on so many projects doing great stuff. When I did web development the most exciting thing you could do was building a bulletin board. Gosh times have changed. I wish I was very rich and could hire people to do the programming for me. ;)