A Home in the Cloud

Jon Udell:

But the desktop isn’t the battleground it once was. I float like a butterfly from Windows to OS X to Linux. My home is in the cloud, and that’s the next frontier for the champions of free and open commodity infrastructure.

The “cloud” Jon refers to here is the internet(s), the web. I do believe that over time operating systems for PCs will matter less. Clients get thinner and thinner. By far the most important application on any computer I use is the web browser. If I had to pick one application I need, it would the browser. I use it to access my e-mail, news, video, calendar, pictures, I can even use it to talk to my friends (more and more webapps are build that allow you to login to MSN, ICQ, AIM and Jabber/Gtalk through the web, like Meebo). If I really had to I could even do word precessing (Writely), I can do spreadsheets (Google Spreadsheets or iRows). I can also play my music through the browser if i wanted to (MP3Tunes Locker).

Soon, the browser is the OS, the rest just doesn’t matter that much. And then it’s Linux’ moment to shine.