I’ve been playing with tags here on this blog. They’re useful for classification by blog search engines, but also allow you to find related posts. If you click on a post now you’ll see a number of related ones which can be useful. These are posts that share one or more tags with the one you’re viewing.

The plugin I use is Ultimate Tag Warrior. It’s quite nice. One feature in particular intruiged me and that’s something that automatically determines tags based on the content of your post. For this it uses a services called Tagyu. I visited the Tagyu website and there I read the following:

What is Tagyu?

Tagyu is a hosted service that automates the process of creating document metadata by discovering what keywords, tags, and categories are relevant for a document. Instead of relying on machine learning to understand what a document is about, Tagyu uses human intelligence. Tagyu harnesses the collective wisdom that is already present in your documents to categorize your other text.

Tagyu can categorize based on the wisdom present in a controlled set of documents that you provide, or based on a larger set of content found “in the wild” — content from social bookmarking, blogs, and other Web sources.

As they have a test service where you can enter a URL, I decided to give it a shot for http://www.zefhemel.com. This is the result:

As Griet said to Vermeer when he showed her her painting in Girl with a Pearl Earring: “You looked inside me.”