The Store

If I would open a store, would you buy anything?

If I would start selling bananas would you come and buy some? Or apples or pears? Maybe something very different. Let me see. Tires for your bike. Everybody needs tires. Well unless you don’t have a bike or car. But most people do. I don’t, though. I don’t need a bike here in Dublin really, plus Dublin is not really cycling capital of the world. But nevertheless tires are good to sell, people like tires.

People like tires, hmm. Well, it’s not really something that gets people excited, is it? It’s not the kind of thing that you do in the weekend with the whole family. “Come on, let’s go buy some tires for our bikes!” Yay! No, most customers probably will be annoyed customers. Some lunatic that considered himself a good laugh cut their tires and ran. No. Not funny. That’s annoying. Lame people. No, I don’t like annoyed customers. So I guess I won’t sell tires then.

What else is good to sell? It has to be something original, something that nobody else specializes in. Like towels. I don’t think there are any stores that specialize in towels yet, still towels are useful. Everybody needs towels. Well, except dirty people that don’t take showers. But I don’t want those in my store anyway. Yes, selling towels is an excellent way to keep dirty people out of my store. And the towels you buy in some stores are really crap sometimes. You take a shower, use the towel and when you’re done the towel is still dry. It’s for wiping more than anything else, it doesn’t absorb a drop of water.

When you think of it such towels may actually have lots of applications, like when there’s a flood. I bet hydrophobic towels will sell like crazy, just cover everything with them and nothing will get wet. Maybe sell those too then in my store. I can have two piles. One with normal towels and another with hydrophobic towels. Yes, that’s a good idea.

The location of the store will be very important. For example, here in Dublin people won’t be all that interested in hydrophobic towels. For as far as I know, Dublin doesn’t flood that often. But there are many places in the world where there are floods. I’ll start my store there. Preferably a place where there’s both lost of beaches and floods. I can sell my nice, big and soft normal towels to the people there to lie on the beach and then when the flood comes I’ll sell my hydrophobic towels. I wonder if they will float.

But such beach places are often quite hot. I don’t like heat that much. I like the seaside, but it shouldn’t be too hot. If I’d be able to lie on the beach that would be ok, but I won’t, because I’d have my store. My store that sells towels. And as lots of people need towels, I will have to work a lot instead of lying on the beach. In the store it will probably be hot.

Maybe towels are not the best thing to sell. Plus, I’m not sure if I like selling that much. I like buying things more. I’m just not sure if you can make money with that. I don’t think so. Unless you buy stuff for a negative price, like -200 euro. Like, “if you buy this old washing machine I’ll give you 200 euro.” But essentially that would make it selling space for people to dump their old crap. And I don’t like crap. I like shiny new things, not crap. Crap stinks.

But yeah, I definitely should open a store.