Moving from OS X to Linux

Me? No don’t worry. But some very notable people (in my opinion anyway) are either considering it, or doing it: moving from OS X to Linux. Mark Pilgrim, who has been using Macs for over 20 years and who is well known for his weblogs and (online) books on Python, OS X and other things, is switching to Ububtu Linux. That’s quite a big deal, as generally the tendency seems to be that people move from Linux to OS X. Not the other way around.
Daring Fireball writes a very long article on Mark’s decision. And Tim Bray (inventor of XML) now is wondering if it is time to switch too. Their main concern? Apple’s openness. Apple built its operating system on FreeBSD, which is an open source operating system, but for the rest doesn’t seem to care that much about openness. Many of its file formats are not open and documented (like iTunes’ library file format and iPhoto’s album file format) and they lock you in, in a way.

They’re hearing very positive stories about Ubuntu so Mark’s switching to that. Interesting.

Anyway, it made me download Ubuntu and after playing with the LiveCD a bit I even got the wireless to work so I’m defragmenting my harddrive now and will partition it and then install Ubuntu on this laptop too (the Dell Latitude D400 that I got from Trinity). I brought Zuzia to a new hospital today (my iBook, if that wasn’t clear), until then I’ll be playing with Ubuntu for a bit and see how I like it.