Chicken on the Loose

Since a couple of days everybody with a high-end PC can get a piece of the still juicy chicken meat in the form of Windows Vista. Although in some languages (Spanish?) Vista may mean mountain or something sight, in Latvian it means chicken. So even if you don’t like mountains nice views, you can still enjoy fresh and juicy Windows Chicken. *drool*

But for once this is not about chicken. As I said, you can now download Windows Chicken beta 2 for free. It will only work for a few months, but it’s probably nice to play with if you want to risk installing a beta operating system. 56k6 modem users beware, the file is 3.2GB big, if my calculations are correct it will (at maximum downloading speed all time) take you roughly 7900 hours to download, that’s just a bit less than a year, by which time the beta has expired. So don’t bother if you’re on 56k6.

My laptop is probably too slow and I don’t want to risk messing it up, so I won’t be trying it out (also I don’t have a DVD burner which you probably need). Luckily Long Zheng is friendly enough to put up some nice screencasts. His choice of recording technology (Apple’s Quicktime) is interesting, but the videos are nice. Longhorn, ehm, Vista seems to run smoothly on his new Toshiba TabletPC.

Many people are very critical of Vista and its features. But look at the visual effects, aren’t they pretty?