Let me tell you a tale of somebody that became very dear to me, even though she started out as just one of my many electronical devices. Let me tell you the story of Zuzia; the other kind of Apple story.

It was about two years ago when I decided to take the plunge, I sold my old Windows laptop to my brother and ordered my first Mac ever, an Apple iBook G4. I was really excited. I upgraded quite a lot of it and also decided to extend its health insure, AppleCare, to three years. People around me that used Macs said I was crazy, it would never break down anyway. It’s a Mac.

For the first year or so I loved it, no problems at all. But then I moved to Ireland and already after a couple of weeks the hard drive stopped working. I called Apple and after hours on the phone with some guy in India (their call centres are there) they gave me the addresses and numbers of some certified Apple repair shops. I called them and they came to pick up my iBook.

About three weeks later I got it back. The hard drive had been replace and there was no charge. However, the trackpad was not working anymore. So I called them again and they picked it up again. It’s a nice service that they’re picking up your computer from your home but they only do it during office hours, when I’m hardly ever home (I got a life too you know).

Another three or four weeks later I got it back again. It had been fixed. By that time my first term at Trinity was over and I hadn’t been able to use my precious not-so-cheap laptop when I needed it. Luckily Trinity supplies all the students of our course with Dell laptops, but it’s not the same.

Proudly I showed my laptop to some friends. A Polish friend was really impressed and she named it, or I should say her, Zuzia. A very popular and nice Polish girl’s name. I loved the name. Mmm, my Zuzia.

But Zuzia is a jealous girl. Only a few weeks later I had a (female) friend staying over at my room for a weekend and Zuzia apparently couldn’t bare it. She broke down again and wouldn’t boot. I brought my friend to the airport and with tears in my eyes called the Apple repair centre again. They came to pick her up… once again.

It was getting annoying. Essentially Zuzia fell ill down three times in only a few months, and probably if they would’ve healed her quicker she would’ve fell ill even more often.

Four weeks later I got her back, once again. I was happy. Finally I could use her again. We had a good time and did lots of projects together. But then about a month or so ago… you can guess it…

Ill again. Zuzia is ill again.

It started as a smallish thing. If you woke her up in the morning her wireless wouldn’t work, you’d have to wait a couple of minutes put her back to sleep and then wake her up again and it would find it. Annoying, but well, acceptable, not enough to give her back to the not-so healing hands of those Apple doctors. But then after a while it got worse. Whenever I took Zuzia on my lap she froze up and stopped working.

When I told my friends about the problems me and Zuzia are having they said that probably she doesn’t love me anymore and this is her way of showing it. I’m heart broken. Angry. Disappointed. Disappointed with Zuzia, but even more so with Apple.

Love dies, but Apple computers shouldn’t.

I have been here in Ireland for about nine months now and of those nine months Zuzia only worked for about four of them. Is that what I paid all that money for? Is this the quality of Apple people always talk about?

I’m disappointed. Disappointed in Apple. And crying over Zuzia.

But I can write about it now, I can talk about it now. I’m over it. I found somebody else, somebody real that doesn’t fall ill when she’s near me. Now we just have to heal Zuzia so we continue our lives together as originally intended.
Just friends.