I don’t talk about my personal life on this website often. Most of that gets written at Zef.Nu, my Dutch website. However now I will also give those who are unfurtunate enough not to speak Dutch, and those who are not willing to learn it just to read about my life, a bit of insightContinue reading “Plans”

Forum 2.0

With blogging going mainstream, do we still really need forums in their current form? I think it might be time for a shift. But before I begin talking about that, let’s define what forums and blogs are to make the differences clear. A forum is a place, a website, where people with similar interests gather.Continue reading “Forum 2.0”

Exit WinFS

Remember WinFS? Windows Future Storage or Windows File System or whatever it meant? Yes one of the three pillars of Longhorn (now Windows Vista). Look, here it is: (Source) WinFS was supposed to be the big change in how you managed your data. It would be super easy to search any kind of data. ItContinue reading “Exit WinFS”


When somebody gave me the idea for this I was like, yeah, I’m not going to do a geeky thing like that. But I figured, by this time next year I’ll be studying English and probably quote something Shakespear said, so what the heck. import pyrdffrom pyrdf import RdfStore, RdfResource, RdfTypefrom rdflib.Namespace import Namespace NS_PContinue reading “23”


Yesterday’s post and comments got me thinking. It still is fairly hard to manipulate and generate RDF data and I don’t think it really has to be. ActiveRDF (a Ruby RDF API) takes an interesting approach and I thought I’d build something similarish in Python, so I started that and after a couple of hoursContinue reading “PyRDF”