Google Web Toolkit

Gosh, I should really stop writing about Google… I’m sorry, but it’s just the company that seems to do the most interesting kind of things lately. Ok, one more time then.

Google has released something new!


It’s the Google Web Toolkit. It’s a Java API to easily create AJAX web applications like Gmail, Google Reader etc. without having to dive into stuff like Javascript, DHTML, AJAX etc. Just write all your code in Java, quite similar to how you would create Java GUIs and the GWT will do the hard work for you. It’s a bit like ASP.NET, but more AJAXified, maybe like Atlas, haven’t really looked at that yet. Anyway it’s free for commercial and non-commercial use and it looks really neat. It does quite nice things like compiling Java code into JavaScript code as necessary.
There’s a number of example applications you can download and try out online. Nicest one probably is one that shows all the different UI widgets the GWT offers: KitchenSink. But this Desktop E-Mail Application clone is also quite impressive.

(Click to enlarge)

Using a tool like this I can really start to understand how Google knocks-up nice new applications at the incredible pace they do.

Have a look at Google Web Toolkit and its blog.