A bit more silence the past two weeks. This was mostly because my exams are coming up. I only have exams once and I have six of them. If I fail one I will not get my master degree, so the pressure is high. However, to be fair I should note that never in the history of this course anybody failed one, so it should be ok.

Tomorrow (Monday) I’ll have NDS 101, which is about emerging web technologies (dynamic content, peer to peer and such), web retrieval (ranking techniques like Google’s) and artificial intelligence.

Wednesday I’ll have NDS 102, which is about networking. Low-level stuff like IP, UDP, TCP, routing, 802.11, 802.14.x, bluetooth etc. Not a big fan of this class.

Friday I’ll have NDS 103, which is about distributed systems (technologies like EJB, .NET, RMI and algorithms like transactions, two-phase commit, three-phase commit, checkpointing, vector clocks etc.)

Then Monday week I’ll have NDS 104, which is about software engineering (concurrency, development processes, aspect oriented programming etc.)

Wednesday week I’ll have NDS 105, which is about CSP (Communicating Sequential Processes), which is quite theoretical and about business and innovation (how to set up a business etc.), it’s a weird combo, I know.

And finally Friday week I’ll have NDS 106, which is about security and network management (SNMP, CIM, Policy-based management).

Then on April 11th I’m flying home to rest a bit and I return here to Dublin on the 24th. From then on I’ll work on my dissertation until September.

So for the next two weeks, keep your fingers crossed!