Moved to DreamHost

I’ve moved over to my new DreamHost account. I used a Virtual Private Server account at JVDS first which worked well and was extremely flexible (I could install anything I want), it had two draw-backs for me:

  • It’s expensive (well for me now anyway)
  • You have update it and administrate it yourself, which was something I enjoyed doing before, but now it’s just a burden

DreamHost offers everything I need: 20GB of space, 1TB of monthly transfer (both a whole lot more than I need), unlimited domains, unlimited sub-domains, subversion, CVS, Ruby on Rails, PHP (4 and 5), MySQL, WebDAV, FTP, SSH and much more. And I only pay $9.95/month ($7.95 if you pre-pay 2 years). Excellent stuff.

I recommend you take a look at their service. And yes, I get paid if you sign-up using that link.