A bit more silence the past two weeks. This was mostly because my exams are coming up. I only have exams once and I have six of them. If I fail one I will not get my master degree, so the pressure is high. However, to be fair I should note that never in theContinue reading “Exams”

Google Calendar, Writely, Amazon Storage

As people have long suspected, Google is working on an online calendaring application that will tightly integrate into Gmail. It is called CL2 and there are some people beta testing it already. A couple of days ago TechCrunch had the exclusive of posting the first screenshots. It looks very nice and very Gmail-ish. The expectationContinue reading “Google Calendar, Writely, Amazon Storage”

Dutch Legal DRM Music No Longer Playable

Somebody just told me that clients of several Dutch online music stores (Planet Internet, Tiscali, MSN, Wanadoo and MTV as well) got a letter roughly saying the following (translated from Dutch): Dear Mr. X, An increasing amount of people choose to legally download music from the internet. Record companies allow more and more music toContinue reading “Dutch Legal DRM Music No Longer Playable”