Over 3 Years of Blogging

I was too occupied with other things to think of my 3-year blogging anniversary which was three weeks ago. February 10th of 2003 was when this ZefHemel.com weblogs first saw the light and lots has happened since then. A summary.

First of all I posted over 1,100 stories in these three years and my readers (you) wrote almost 2,500 comments to those. The kind of posts changed over time. It started out as just links with a small comment, then changed into bigger articles with mostly my own content. The frequency of posts also changed. At first I posted sometimes 6 posts a day, then it became less. And there were about 4 months in which I posted one real story (600–1200 words) each day. Impressive. This year was a quiet year, until the past couple of days, when ideas for posts started to pop up again. I’m still finding a new format and mix of things I post here, but I’ll get there.

Some things I remember well of the past few years were my Why Microsoft Can’t Hire Great Programmers post, which was picked up by Robert Scoble and even Microsoft Recruiting, which was a nice experience.

Then the nomination of The Church of XML for Joel Spolsky’s The Best Software Writing I, sadly it didn’t end up in there. And then there’s my most successful post ever: Howto: Create Your Own Podcast Show On Windows, which still attracts hundreds of visitors each day. I happened to be lucky enough to get into the podcasting thing early enough to have written the first article explaining how to do it on Windows. This article even ended up in a book: Politics to Go, published by the IPDI (of the George Washington University).

Twice I did a week of posts on a certain subject, once on distributed systems and once on interregional collaboration.

ZefHemel.com gets almost 800 pageviews each day according to Google Analytics, and if my little script is correct, roughly 400 people are subscribed to my RSS feeds on top of that. Some study mates did a presentation on Search Engine Optimization a week ago and told me that my website has a Google PageRank of 5 (out of 10), which is quite high. It also means I can bump up other’s PageRanks quite a bit by linking to them. Cool.

But the people to thank for all of this are you, my readers, especially those who have commented. If it weren’t for you, I would never have kept doing this for so long. Thank you for that.

On to the next three.