Stories From the Front

The headlines are clear: “Protestant march plans trigger rage in Dublin”, “IRA supporters, police clash over parade”, “Orange march sparks Dublin riots”, “Police hurt as parade sparks Dublin riots”, “IRA-Protestant Brawls Spread in Dublin”. Google News Ireland related articles.

Yeah, riots in the Dublin city centre yesterday. And yours sincerely was at the front showing off his true journalistic abilities. Not as an eye witness, but as an eye witness of eye witnesses. When it happened, it turns out, I was about a street away from the action, totally oblivious to what was happening around the corner, patiently waiting for a friend, playing happy music on my iPod. Actually, my friend was late because she ran into a riot with lots of police and a car that was set on fire. This one to be exact:

As I walked through Grafton Street a group of protesters walked by with pig-head masks on and loud music. I later concluded that they had been IRA protesters. When I got to the McDonald’s where I was supposed to meet my friend they had closed the doors and the protective screen that shops usually have down when they’re closed for the night. After a while they opened the doors again and a lot of customers came out. They had closed down everything to prevent rioting groups to enter the restaurant, luckily nothing happened.

Man, I feel like a journalist in Baghdad.