Google Reader

It doesn’t usually happen, but somehow I missed the launch of “Google Reader”:, Google’s RSS/Atom feed aggregator. I’ve been waiting for this a long time now and it seems it was worth the wait.

I’ve been playing with it for a day now or so and it’s a bit different from what I was used to, but still worth a try. You can login with your Google account, import your subscriptions and start reading them. The interface is fully Ajaxified, and feels a lot like Gmail.

Here’s the normal reading page, with a list of all new posts (right now ordered by “relevance”, don’t know how it determines the relevance):

Google Reader startpage

(Click to enlarge.)

And here’s my list of subscriptions, you can label feeds (like you can label messages in Gmail) and you can filter a la iTunes, by typing a part of a feed’s name in the filter box (it will filter as you type):

Google Reader subscriptions

So far I’m pretty happy with it. It does what you expect, the keyboard shortcuts work well (those are also what I like about Gmail so much), but some things could be improved, there’s no feed discovery for example, you actually have to type in the feed’s URL when you add a new feed, but that’s minor.