First Trinity Project Finished

Pff, finally. I just submitted my first big-ish project here at the Networks & Distributed Systems course here at Trinity College, Dublin. We were supposed to develop a peer-to-peer multi-player version of the popular Tron game (which is a bit like the snake game you got on your mobile phone), players walk around the field leaving a trail of walls. There are cherries that give you an additional life, you lose one if you walk through a wall.

As soon (and if) I’m allowed to (presumably after the submission deadline) I’ll release the source code/binaries and report, might be interesting to the people interested in peer to peer networking. It’s quite a bit harder than developing a game using the usual client-server model that basically all other multi-player games use.

Some teasers:

Connect screen

And playing (note the amazing graphics :P):


Initially we were supposed to develop this game from the ground up (using either Java Sockets or RMI) in three weeks, then we got a week extension. I developed it in Java 5 using Eclipse 3.1. Gotta love the generics support and enhanced for-loop in Java. Very nice.

As of yet I’m the only one in my group who has gotten the game to work, so I’m looking forward to see if others manage to do this.