Oh, I’m so embarassed. I haven’t posted here for weeks, poor readers, I’m so sorry.

My last post was my computer being broken, well, by now I got two laptops. One from my computer science department here at Trinity, a nice Dell Latitude D400 (with 256MB of RAM which is waaaay too little if you want to use Eclipse for coding) and my iBook whose hard drive has been fixed by now, but now the trackpad doesn’t work, so I guess it has to return to the guys who attempted to fix it last time.

But I got a computer again, so that’s good. So, what has been going on? Well, obviously classes at Trinity have started. So far I really like them, the teachers are a lot better than what I was used to. Some classes are really interesting some are not always. They repeat a lot of what I already know, and some of them repeat what has already been told in other classes, but I think in overall this is a really good programme and I’m enjoying it.

I also got a life outside of my studies now (that’s right!) and some nice friends here in Dublin and they’re not even computer scientists, imagine that. A week or two ago a group of Trinity postgraduates went on a hike from Greystones to Bray, it was very beautiful (“pictures”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/zefhemel/sets/1148411/). Ireland is a beautiful country, especially outside Dublin (not that Dublin is so bad).

Anyway, coursework is finally starting to pile up. Right now I’m working on a game for my distributed systems class, we’re supposed to make an implementation of Tron, which is a little similar to snake. However, we’re supposed to create a distributed version that multiple users can play together and any of these players should be able to disconnect at any time without shutting down the game, i.e. we’ll have to implement it in a peer-to-peer fashion which makes it quite a challenge. Anyway, I started on it yesterday and so far I can get multiple players to connect to each other:

DTron screenshot

(Click to enlarge.)

Yes, we have to implement it in Java. For now I’m using Java 5 so I can take advantage of its nice generics support and enhanced for-loop and the Eclipse support for that works well. It’s nice to code in Java again, in particular the Eclipse environment. Now if I only had twice as much memory in this laptop…

Ok, enough about that. I’ll end this post with a link to an interesting article that I already posted in my “interesting links” section, but as many people don’t read that, here it is again: “How I Came to Despise AJAX”:http://www.yafla.com/dforbes/categories/softwareDevelopment/2005/10/21.html.