On my still continuing quest for a perfect Python on Rails (a.k.a. an easy-to-use web framework for Python), TurboGear is my latest find. TurboGear is not a framework written from scratch, but rather a composite of a couple Python components:

* Kid, for Zope-like templates.
* Mochikit, for AJAX stuff on the browser side.
* SQLObject, a nice object-oriented database wrapper. Very close to what I developed myself as Adia (with the same idea of extracting SQL CREATE statements from the model defined in your Python code).
* Cherrypy for the controller side.

I’ve been playing with this framework today (there’s a nice 20 minute tutorial on how to create a simple Wiki, also available as screencast). I played with the example a little and without much effort added a couple of fields to the database and to the forms. It all seems nice. And I like the fact that it uses already existing components which are developed by different people. This way not everything has to be maintained by one person or one team of people. It comes with a built-in webserver, so testing is very simple.

TurboGear requires Python 2.4, you can get find more information and downloads here.