Well, for almost a week now I’m living in Dublin and I like it so far. Until recently I lived with my parents and this is the first time that I’m living on my own. And it’s in a city where I’ve never been before, in a city I’ve never been before, speaking a language that I’ve never… ok, well I’ve spoken English before. But still, it’s kind of a big change.

I live in the south of Dublin, about 7–8 minutes from Aungier Street, very nearby St. Patrick’s Cathedral (I can hear its bells ring pretty well). This is all very close to the city center, so that’s pretty great. But there’s people everywhere. Always. When I go to the shop I walk through streets filled with cars, busses and people walking the sidewalk. That never used to be the case in the neighborhood of Groningen where I used to live. It was fairly quiet there. I never lived so close near a city center before. It’s stinky… but I can overcome that.

A couple of days ago I walked around the Trinity College campus, compared to the amount of people walking around it, it’s fairly quiet inside, although it appears to be one of the city’s primary tourist attraction (and how many people can say they study at a very popular tourist attraction?). The campus looks great. I made a couple of pictures of Dublin and Trinity College:

See the pictures.

I live in an apartment building called Newmarket square. I share an apartment with a Russian guy named Vassili. He has the bedroom and I got the bedroom-turned living room. The kitchen is in the same room as the living room, which is too bad. Because if Vassili has to cook, he practically is doing that in my room. But usually he’s hardly home. Just this week had some problem with his working visa, so he has been home all week. Usually he’d be working and taking classes from 7 in the morning ‘till 9 in the evening, also eating there. So I won’t see him much.

Some pictures of my room/house

I got an Irish mobile phone number now, you can reach me at +353 85 1587524, or just plain 085 1587524 if you’re calling from within Ireland.

My classes start at October 10th, so that’s still almost a month away. My parents are flying in tonight and will be spending a couple of days here.