Off to Dublin Soon

Just a couple more days and I’ll leave to study and live in Dublin, Ireland for a year. My airplane leaves at 7 p.m. next Tuesday evening (September 6th). I’m looking forward to it.

I also managed to get a room there, which is quite a relief. It seems to be a nice room quite close to the center of the city. And it’s fairly affordable in Dublin terms (Dublin is the most expensive city in Europe).

My studies at Trinity College start at October 10th, and there’s a fresher’s week before that. But I’ll have a couple of weeks to get to know Dublin, a city where I’ve never been before.

This week I’m doing my farewell tour. Tuesday I visited one set of grand parents, yesterday I had a goodbye party with friends, today I visited my current (or actually, former) university for the last time (and said goodbye to the people there), tomorrow I’m visiting my other grandparents and this Sunday is my aunt’s birthday party where I’ll be saying goodbye to even more people. It’s kind of strange to do all these things for the last time. For a year at least.

Looking forward to going there!