The Change, 18 Months Later

It’s roughly one and a half year ago when I wrote The Change. The essence was this:

I have done some programming jobs as well, paid ones. Recently I noticed I don’t like doing those anymore, I don’t like programming a Workflow Management System (which I wrote a while ago), I don’t like working on KeyTopic anymore. Why? Mostly because it’s all the same. There’s no challenge. It’s all much of the same.

It has been a while, and I thought I’d give you an update on my feelings regarding this subject.

In short it comes down to this: not much has changed. Those who thought it would just be a stage and I would pick up programming soon enough: sorry, you were wrong. I was reminded of my disliking of programming again two days ago when a friend asked if I had time for a “fun little programming problem”. “Sure”, I said, totally not thinking at all. Well, the problem wasn’t fun. To me it wasn’t fun. And I realized that there’s probably no programming problem that I consider “fun” anymore. I never was a big fan of the kind of programming contest assignments and that has just gotten worse.

The level that still interests me are the higher levels. The design. Or higher, thinking about design. Having ideas for software products. I want to come up with things that haven’t been tried yet. Again, an army of coding monkeys would’ve been great. If I come up with an idea and start implementing it, I still quit halfway through, because it’s… so… boring.

Maybe due to the interesting past couple months my interests have shifted somewhat. Lately I’ve started reading into subjects like linguistics (still languages, but different), politics and different cultures. The list of blogs I read shrunk in respect to tech-related blogs and lengthened in respect to blogs about writing and linguistics.

In October I’m off to Dublin to study networks and distributed systems. The courses, most of them anyway, seem to be about the architectural level. I’m sure it will interest me. The question, however, is what I’m going to do after that? Am I going to work? What kind of job would I want to have? I’m not going to be a programmer unless I absolutely have to. I just don’t know. Who knows, I may just become a Ph.D. student somewhere.

I’ll just wait and see.