Zef.Nu, NetNewsWire and MarsEdit

Because I’m going to be away from my family and friends a lot in the next year (at least) I’ve set up another weblog (in Dutch) at Zef.Nu. There I’ll post personal stuff, stories and pictures. So if you’re interested and (think you) can read Dutch, feel free to visit Zef.Nu from time to time. I’ve even spent a little time to hack in a simple mailing list feature into my WordPress installation over there so that you can receive an e-mail whenever I post a new article on Zef.Nu. All I have to do now is pray that no future employer ever gets to see the code.

My PC broke down again. It gives angry sounding beeps when I try to boot it. It has been doing this randomly for the past months. There’s something wrong with some piece of hardware, but I don’t know which, and to be frank, I don’t feel like finding out either. Therefore I’ve been working purely on my iBook the past two days. It’s a good way of getting used to it, because it will be my main computer while in Ireland.

I’ve been playing with some nice Mac software, notably NetNewsWire and MarsEdit. The first one is software that allows you to easily keep track of RSS/Atom feeds of news sites and weblogs. Previously I used BlogLines, but this client-side application is so much more user-friendly. It’s amazing how this application does exactly what you want it to do.


(Click to enlarge.)

MoonEdit is an application that allows you to add, edit and remove weblogs posts on your weblog, including WordPress (what I use). This is much more convenient than editting in the browser. It even helps a little with inserting HTML and makes it really easy to upload files to your weblog and link to it from a post.


(Click to enlarge.)

After playing both those these applications I decided to buy them (you get a discount when you buy them both).