New Camera and Flickr

A week or so ago I bought my first own digital camera. It’s a “HP Photosmart R707”: and so far I like it very much. It works perfectly with my iBook, which is important because that’s going to be my main computer for the next year in Ireland. This is what it looks like:

It comes with two batteries, so if one is empty I can put in the second. There’s also a dock that I can use to recharge both batteries simultaneously if I want. I can just put my camera on there and it can easily import the pictures and movies on my iBook. It works almost seamlessly. Did I say movies? Yes! The camera can record 320×200 MPEG movies for as long as it fits on the secure digital storage card (of which I bought a 512MB one). That means that I can record around 40 minutes long, with sound. Cool huh?

Since I came back from Latvia I have been looking for the best way to publish my pictures online. I tried the iPhoto (the photo application I use on my iBook) export function and that works, but it’s not ideal and quite basic. Yesterday I remember people being so happy with a service called “flickr”: If you’re Dutch you’re probably smiling now. Flickr in Dutch is pronounced in the same way as flikker, which is a term commonly used for homosexuals. But anyway, back to flickr. Flickr is a free service that allows you to upload as many pictures as you want to the internet for free. It allows you to easily organize them into sets, rotate them and do so other funky things, plus it allows you to tag your photos which make them searchable, also for other flickr users (if you want). The most important drawback of the free flickr is that you’re limited to uploading 20MB of pictures in a month which is not a lot. You can, however, upgrade your account for $24 per year which allows you to upload 2GB of pictures each month, which is enough for me. This “pro” service also allows you to create as much picture sets as you like. I upgraded my account and it’s working great for me.

If you want to publish your pictures online I can recommend having a good look at “flickr”:

And you can find my pictures at “my photo page”: