The Weeks Ahead

Ok, I’ve been quite busy in the past weeks and it seems like the next week is no exception. A lot of exciting stuff is going to happen in the near future.

*Monday:* I’m getting my bachelor degree (I’m going to be BSc. Zef, how cool is that?).
*Tuesday:* Birthday of a friend.
*Thursday:* End of ISEP(International Software Engineering Project) party (the University course where I’m a head of department).
*Friday:* Results of my brother’s final exams are in (so hopefully a graduation party for him too).
*Saturday:* I’m getting on the train to Berlin.
*Sunday:* I’m getting on the plane from Berlin to Latvia (check-in at 5 a.m.) to meet a friend that I’ve never met before in real life. I’ll stay with her for over a week (and during my birthday) and will return on the 28th of June.

It’s going to be an eventful couple of weeks :)