I’m Off

In a couple of hours I’m off to Latvia. I’ll first go to Berlin by train (Groningen — Zwolle — Deventer — … — Berlin). And then tomorrow morning at 7:00 in the morning I’ll get on the plane to Riga where I’ll arive at 9:40 local time. Exciting! Also, my brother got the results back from his final exams yesterday and heContinue reading “I’m Off”

Zef, BSc.

Around 16.40 this afternoon I received my bachelor degree in computer science, which means I shall now be called Zef Hemel, BSc., or just Zef, BSc. for short, or I won’t even listen to you. Here’s a picture of the moment of truth: Hah!

The New I-Mac

People following computer-related news in the past few days probably already knows about this, but Apple has announced to switch from IBM’s PowerPC processors to Intel x86 processors. It has been rumoured to happen for years and now it happened. Major reason is that IBM doesn’t meet Apple’s expectations in processor speed and energy usage.Continue reading “The New I-Mac”

The Beauty of Progress

As you may know, I’m doing a research internship at the software engineering department at our university. I’m doing conceptual design most of the time, but I spent the past few days writing up tutorial-like material for “Archium”:http://www.archium.net. Archium is the architecture/programming language that the people here are working on “as I described a whileContinue reading “The Beauty of Progress”