Google Web Accelerator Considered Harmful

Google’s newest product is the “Google Web Accelerator”:, which says to make browsing the internet faster. That’s great, isn’t it? Absolutely. Unless you know how they implemented it and the absolutely catastrophic consequences of this. Ok, so, how does the Google Web Accelerator make browsing faster? It’s quite simple actually, it prefetches pages. If you’reContinue reading “Google Web Accelerator Considered Harmful”

Zoo’s Meta-Model

As I’ve been working with meta-models a lot in the last week, I thought I’d just draw one for my idea of “Zoo”: So, I present to you: Zoo’s current meta-model: Most of you will ask yourself what the… something… a meta-model is. In short it comes down to this: think of an object-oriented programmingContinue reading “Zoo’s Meta-Model”