Hitting It With a Music Baton

“Tjaard”:http://www.tjaard.nl/?p=52 handed me the music baton, so here we go.

First of all, the size of my music collection. It’s not as big as “some people”:http://www.standardbehaviour.com/articles/2005/05/18/running-around-with-a-musical-baton. As a matter of fact, it fits all on my iPod. Admittedly, I sometimes remove stuff that I won’t probably ever listen to so that it will keep fitting. I think I got around 14GB of music right now. Most of which MP3, but also some DRM AAC files from the iTunes music store.

*The last CD I bought was…*
It has been a little while since I bought a CD, but I think it’s Diana Krall — Live in Paris.

*Song playing right now…*
Cosmos — Pa un par

*Five songs I listen to a lot/mean a lot to me…*
This depends so much on my mood. But anyway, from the top of my head:

* Diana Krall — Case of You
* Hooverphonic — Inhaler
* Shakira — Tu
* Massive Attack — Teardrop
* Muse — Space Dementia

Of these the Muse song is most remarkable in the sense that I’ve only known about Muse for about a week or so and I have been playing their songs almost full-time since (together with the Cosmos songs).

*The five people where this meme will go on…*

* “Bas Westerbaan”:http://blog.w-nz.com — because I want to know.
* “Shane Bauer”:http://www.shanebauer.com — because he hasn’t posted for so long that I wonder if he’s even alive.
* “Manuzhai”:http://www.manuzhai.nl/weblog/ — because he needs a wake-up call similar to Shane’s (although less loud).
* “Jacob Duursma”:http://zef.cc/~jaap/ — because I honestly have no idea what his music taste is like.
* “Matt Mecham”:http://www.mattmecham.com — because I wonder he still listens to Radiohead so much (not that that’s a bad thing)