Bush Visits The Netherlands

I got up extra early this morning to enjoy this tremendous event. What happened? I’ll tell you.

Yesterday, George W. Bush, you know, the fella that runs the United States of America, came to the Netherlands. He’s touring Europe and just came from Latvia, another country that nobody in the USA ever heard of or knows where it is situated. He came to, together with our prime-minister Jan Peter “what’s his name” Balkenende and our Queen Beatrix, put “large floral wreaths in front of a tall stone memorial at the cemetary of Margraten”:http://today.reuters.com/news/newsArticle.aspx?type=topNews&storyID=2005-05-08T132647Z_01_N08636315_RTRIDST_0_NEWS-EUROPE-WAR-BUSH-DC.XML.

Jan Peter, Laura, George and Beatrix

Both Jan Peter Balkenende and George W. Bush gave speeches. It was nice. Especially Bush’s, because you always get the impression that he has no clue where he is and who the people are who he’s talking to, but when he’s giving a speech you get to know the real George. The George educated at Yale, that knows about Anne Frank, undoubtly has read her world-famous diary, and even knew that the Dutch were eating tulip bulbs in the hunger winter shortly before the liberation of Amsterdam.

He came, he talked and he left — to yet another country that he never knew existed.

But seriously. We celebrate our freedom at the 5th of May, here in the Netherlands, and the US and Canada played a big role in that freedom. Thanks for that.