Ajax Update

Since “Ajax was first launched as a term”:http://www.zefhemel.com/archives/2005/03/19/and-it-got-a-name-ajax a lot has been happening in the web development world. If you’ve been reading the blogs, in particular the “Ajaxian blog”:http://www.ajaxian.com you will already know about it. If not, I’ll point you to some cool stuff now. First some examples:* “Cojax Source Code Viewer”:http://code.communityserver.org* “AjaxAdvocates example”:http://www.ajaxadvocates.com* “WICK”:http://wick.sourceforge.net/wick_sample/Continue reading “Ajax Update”

Why Smart People Defend Bad Ideas

Scott Berkun is a project management consultant and writer. He previously worked at Microsoft as a lead program manager. He recently published a book called “The Art of Project Management”:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0596007868/104-7397168-1549531?v=glance. Beside writing books Scott also publishes essays. Last month’s essay was entitled “Why Smart People Defend Bad Ideas”:http://www.scottberkun.com/essays/essay40.htm and it’s a good read. I particularlyContinue reading “Why Smart People Defend Bad Ideas”

Hitting It With a Music Baton

“Tjaard”:http://www.tjaard.nl/?p=52 handed me the music baton, so here we go. First of all, the size of my music collection. It’s not as big as “some people”:http://www.standardbehaviour.com/articles/2005/05/18/running-around-with-a-musical-baton. As a matter of fact, it fits all on my iPod. Admittedly, I sometimes remove stuff that I won’t probably ever listen to so that it will keep fitting.Continue reading “Hitting It With a Music Baton”

Java in Harmony

There’s a bunch of people wanting to start an open source (free, as in freedom) Java 5 implementation named Harmony (“Proposal”:http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/incubator-general/200505.mbox/%3cCA4BEB82-3D84-457D-9531-1477DD749919@apache.org%3e, “FAQ”:http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/incubator-harmony-dev/200505.mbox/%3C50351021-6408-437D-949A-7AF2AD4DFD0F@apache.org%3E) under the Apache umbrella: We propose that we create a new Apache project, Harmony, that will achieve the following goals : 1) create a Compatible, independent implementation of J2SE 5 under the Apache LicenseContinue reading “Java in Harmony”


Everybody who started in a language other than a web scripting one has written programs like this: WriteLn(‘What”s your name?’);ReadLn(name);WriteLn(‘What”s your age?’);ReadLn(age);WriteLn(‘Hello ‘ + name + ‘, you are ‘ + age + ‘ years old.’); (Yeah sorry, I started in Turbo Pascal.) All was nice and dandy until you start writing web applications. AllContinue reading “Continuations”