Google and MySQL?

A new project just popped up on “Google’s Open Source website”: “Google mMaim”: mMaim is, according to the website:

mMAIM stands for MySQL Monitoring And Investigation Module mMAIM’s purpose is to make a it easy to monitor and analyze MySQL servers and to easily integrate itself into any environment. It can show Master/Slave sync stats, some efficiency stats, can return statistics from most of the “show” commands and more.

What does Google use MySQL for? It definately doesn’t store its search index in it, or your Gmail e-mails, so what does Google use it for? Or has Google all of the sudden turned into a company that supports any open source project, regardless if they profit from it or not? Google’s also going to the “MySQL User Conference”:

So, what do they use it for? Customer Relation Managament, Human Resource Management? Just curious.