TINE and MacExpo

Today I, and three friends, went to TINE, The Internet and Networking Event, Holland’s biggest IT event (supposedly) and to MacExpo.

On the TINE website it says that TINE would take up two of the three halls of the RAI, a huge event hall, and MacExpo would take up one hall. I and a couple of others went to TINE last year and didn’t really like enough for a total of around 5 hours travelling by train, but now that MacExpo would be there, we decided to go.

It was crap.

TINE was just like last year. Dozens of stands from unknown IT companies with employees in suits talking to each other. The biggest stand was from Microsoft, but not much happened there either. After having walked through the TINE halls all that had changed in our lives was that we lost an hour we wouldn’t ever get back, and that our bags were much heavier because of all the advertisements and magazines that people pushed in our hands. And polite as we are, we didn’t throw them away immediately.

So, we set our hopes on MacExpo. An event that had taken place on other places in Europe before and supposedly was great there. Nu such luck, though. We were promised one hall full of Mac stuff, we got barely one third of a hall.

The Huge MacExpo

(This was the MacExpo)

On the map of the three halls that looks like this (I think, I could have missed a part though):

On the map

There were a lot of macs there and quite some software, but nearly all the stands were from Apple resellers. Apple itself wasn’t even present. Feeling sad we decided to then at least buy a box of “iPod socks”:http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore?productLearnMore=M9720G/A.

They were sold out.