OS X “Tiger” released April 29th

Only about three weeks to go until Mac OS 10.4, code named “Tiger”, is released. Tiger contains some substantional new features, my favourites are as follows:

Most useful is Spotlight, Apple’s OS-integrated desktop search. Spotlight will index all your data such as PDF documents, Word documents, text documents, MP3 files, movie files etc. etc. and make it (including its content) instantly searchable. In a nice iTunes-like search-as-you-type kind of way.


Dashboard is very similar to what Konfabulator does now (for the Mac, and recently also for Windows). It adds another Exposé key which will make all kinds of widgets appear on the screen, and disappear when pressed again. The widgets are small, simple applications such as a stock quote ticker, weather report, calculator and iTunes controls. They are the kind of utilities that you often only need for a moment and then want to get rid of.


Automator is visual scripting. If there are things that you want to do quite often, such as rip some images from a website, create a slideshow from that and burn that on a DVD, until now you had to write an apple script. Apple script is a scripting language. What Automator allows you to do is visually create such scripts, without any scripting knowledge.


There are lots more new features in Tiger many of which you can find “more information on here”:http://www.apple.com/macosx/newfeatures/.

I pre-ordered my copy this morning.