Research Internship

I’ll be spending the next ten weeks doing a full-time research internship at my university (University of Groningen). In the software engineering research group they work on a so-called Architecture Description Language (ADL) based on Java called “Archium”: This language is based on the idea that the design process of software actually consists of aContinue reading “Research Internship”

Some Ruby vs. Python Links

I think I’ll be looking into Ruby a little more, frameworks like Ruby on Rails and features like “modules”: make it quite appealing. For the occasion I collected a couple of Python vs Ruby links: * “Python Vs Ruby”: an extensive C2 Wiki page about the subject.* “A comparison of object oriented scripting languages: PythonContinue reading “Some Ruby vs. Python Links”

Google and MySQL?

A new project just popped up on “Google’s Open Source website”: “Google mMaim”: mMaim is, according to the website: mMAIM stands for MySQL Monitoring And Investigation Module mMAIM’s purpose is to make a it easy to monitor and analyze MySQL servers and to easily integrate itself into any environment. It can show Master/Slave sync stats,Continue reading “Google and MySQL?”

New Pope

Well, since a couple of minutes we have a new pope. His name is Joseph Ratzinger, a German cardinal. He’ll be named Benedict the 16th. Being a Roman Catholic myself, I have no reason to be happy about this. Ratzinger is said to be very conservative, very against gays and in general: bad news. MuchContinue reading “New Pope”


Ever since I’ve started using Unix systems I always asked myself one question: if this Unix stuff is so great, why are all your applications scattered around the whole system and not put neatly into one directory per application? This question became stronger when I first met Mac OS X. They’re doing exactly that: allContinue reading “GoboLinux”

OS X “Tiger” released April 29th

Only about three weeks to go until Mac OS 10.4, code named “Tiger”, is released. Tiger contains some substantional new features, my favourites are as follows: “*Spotlight*”: useful is Spotlight, Apple’s OS-integrated desktop search. Spotlight will index all your data such as PDF documents, Word documents, text documents, MP3 files, movie files etc. etc. andContinue reading “OS X “Tiger” released April 29th”