Martin Fowler on Dynamic Typing

I’ve read quite a lot of articles on dynamic versus static typing. Every new one I read now only repeats arguments that I’ve heard many times before. A couple of months ago I wrote “Are Dynamically Typed Languages the Next Big Thing?”: where I explained the problems that I see and read about.

Yet, when someone like Martin Fowler (which is one of the big software engineering gods in this world) starts talking, you hope he is able to give that definite answer. The kind of answer that you tell to your grandchildren, decades later, in one of your good ol’ times stories. “But then Martin told us this and this and this, and that’s why we now have a swiming pool in each room and why you own such a cute little fully-dressed doggie called Tinkerbell.”

But no such luck this time. In his recent “DynamicTyping”: “bliki” post, he, once again, describes the pros and cons of both. And I already heard them all.

Seriously Martin, what kind of god are you if you can’t make up something more original?