Bizzie Bizzie

First of all: sorry that haven’t been able keeping my one-post-a-day schedule, but I’ve just been too busy. This is because currently I’m taking my usual three classes, of which two are quite busy and that my new student-assistant job also started. This job is to monitor and advice a group of ten third-year students doing a software engineering project for a company. To complicate things for the students, two of the students are located in Sweden and the rest in the Netherlands. In the case of my team the company is also located in Sweden. There is also someone monitoring this team from the Swedish side and we often have to figure out problems that occur. This communication (both for the students and us — the teaching support) is done through video-conference, e-mail, phone and MSN. Quite a challenging and also fun task.

Because of this I have little time left to post about all the things I want to post about. Today, however, I had a little time to update the more static parts of my website a little, in particular by adding the “Projects and Ideas”: section.

And excuse me for the title of this post, it’s the kind of language screwage that I try to fight. But sometimes… Must… Write… Lame… Title.