Double Blogging Anniversary

Exactly two years ago I made the very “first post to my blog”: And today I post my 1000th post. Such a coincidence. Happy blogging anniversary to me.

I started out with only myself as reader, but throughout the months, and in particular in the past few, many joined my reader’s club. I tried to find out how many people are actually reading my blog, but it’s hard to figure out. According to StatCounter I get about 500–600 pageviews per day. But that’s only website traffic and doesn’t count the different RSS feeds. My RSS2 feed is the most requested file according to my webalizer statistics. I wrote a little Python script to analyze my apache logs to see from how many different IPs these feed requests came. I looked at the number of subscribers at bloglines and I would estimate that there are in total roughly 150–200 people subscribed to my feeds now.

Without knowing that people would read what I had to say, I wouldn’t have kept doing this, so thank you. In particular people who gave feedback on my posts; it’s always encouraging.

As a special treat for my readers I’ll end this post with some breaking news: there’s a way to prevent cancer. All you have to do is eat carrots, and lots of them:

Eat a lot of carrots

Eat those carrots and you’ll never get cancer, isn’t that amazing? I think so. I wonder if it would work with donuts as well. I prefer donuts over carrots.