MSN Search Getting Smarter

MSN never appealed to me. Partly because it’s being pushed in my face basically everytime I use MSN or Internet Explorer and partly because the site looks like your average glossy with mobile phone and dating ads all over. A while ago they’ve starting some more interesting stuff, though. Finally.

“MSN Spaces”: seems to be a nice product. One that will undoubtly become very popular (I believe there are already over 1.5 million spaces). The free hosted weblog for the masses. It’s said to be well-integrated into the new MSN which is good for them. I heard that 95% of the Dutch youth is using MSN so they got a user base.

The “new search engine”: is nice as well. Finally some serious Google competition. The old search really was bad. They even got some “TV”: “ads”: now too. A nice addition to MSN Search is “MSN Desktop Search”:, works very well.

Now they add more innovative stuff to MSN Search. Google always allowed you to use it as a simple calculator by typing in things like “20 + 8”: as search queries. “MSN allows you to do that as well”: but they take it a step further. It can solve equations now, for example “x² + 4x — 17 = 32”: and it’ll calculate x for you. Now that they connected Encarta to the search, you can ask it questions like “What is the population of the Netherlands?”: Want more information on the Netherlands? It’s “at your fingertips”:

“Read more about the new things that MSN Search can do”: (“And what it has been able to do for a while now”:

I might replace Google with MSN Search for a while, see how I like it.