Buttons, Scroll-bars, Drawers and Windows

It was 10 p.m. at a wednesday night when Emma was working on an essay for her English class. She used her laptop, because she wouldn’t let her handwriting ruin her grades more than it already did.

“Aargh! Stupid, stupid, stupid!” Emma screamed.
“Writing an essay? I know, it sucks.” Artie said while leaning on the bar.
“It’s not the essay, it’s these stupid computers. They make no sense at all. There are these windows which have buttons on them. What windows have buttons on them? What did they do to deserver to be buttonized? Look at our windows,” she pointed at a random window, “does that have buttons on it?”
“I don’t think so.” Artie answered.
“Exactly. It makes no sense. And look here. This one has tabs, TABS!”
“Tabs are cool.” Artie put on his shades, “do they have different colours and are their labels too small to write on?”
“Hah hah. What kind of windows have tabs? All these concepts are insane. Don’t even get me started on scrollbars which you have to scroll with. Who still uses scrolls? Scrolls are ancient history, why reintroduce them? It took us hundreds of years to replace them with pages and now in the digital era, they reintroduce them?”
“You got to admit, though, they digital ones are an improvement over the old ones.”
“This window even got a drawer.” Emma continued “What window has a drawer? Closets have drawers, desks have drawers, windows do not have drawers.”
“Maybe it’s a look into a drawerful future. Drawers in everything. Drawers in couches, cars, cranes, stereos; drawers everywhere.”
“Most stereos already have a drawer you know. A little CD drawer-like thingie?”
“Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s the future of drawers, today!” Artie laughed.
“Anyway, it’s plain stupid. Windows are just windows, glass and a frame.”
“You should start a club. The window-concept preservation club. I could make flags! Shirts!”
“Yeah yeah, you’re making fun of me again.”
“Ironically, I believe that the people that came up with the idea, copied by many fruits, now sells copy machines.”
“What are the chances.”
“They must have thought ‘if we get copied, we’d better not be the only one.’”