Bad, Bad Apple Users

aent is ranting about why he doesn’t like Apple users. He has expressed his unhappiness with the company earlier, now it’s the Apple user’s bashing time. You can read his “rant here”:

I’ll skip the part about Linux and GUIs which, for as far as I can see, doesn’t have to do anything with this. Then it’s the iPod Shuffle’s turn, something that I heard many Apple users complain about:

The iPod Shuffle doesn’t have a display. According to Apple lovers, when you have a media player that small and can’t scroll through the songs, a display is pointless! I mean, who would look for a song to play on an MP3 player? And that random song from your computer that was randomly placed on the MP3 player you haven’t heard in a long time and really like and want to listen to at home, why should you be able to find out the name of the song, artist, and album? I have a cheap, piece of crap MP3 player. Occasionally my friends listen to it. They like a song. They ask me what the name of it is, and I can’t remember the name. Thanks to the wonderful screen on the device, I can look at them and tell it. With the iPod Shuffle, you are screwed, and can be proud of it when you tell your friends that! And of course, Apple can save you a couple of bucks by not including a screen, even though if you just don’t buy from Apple you can save a lot of bucks and get a screen.

I think the shuffling excuse is kind of lame too. Many people do, including Apple users. However, I very much doubt that you can get a 1GB MP3 player for less that $149, at least I haven’t seen it. There may be a bit more competition for the 512MB one, but I’m not sure.

Apple users also are aware that the radio, which I commonly use in my car to listen to music which I don’t have on CD since I haven’t heard before and sometimes talkshows on it are interesting, is entirely useless. I mean, what the hell, something is broadcasted? Just like TV, radio is entirely useless.

Just that they don’t include it in all of their products doesn’t mean they think it’s useless. If you fire up iTunes you’ll see there’s a radio thingie there at the playlist. Not that I ever used it, but that’s something else. Podcasting was basically invented for the iPod. Not entirely radio, but close. “Some people think Apple will go into the TV and movie business soon too”: But ehm, what does this have to do with Apple users?

Voice recorders. Well, voice recorders have no use. Duh! Any Apple user could have told you that one! Why bother with something with a microphone that you can easily and conviently bring to a class to record a lecture? Of course, getting an external and seperate device to do that would be better.

That’s nice. I can make up things like that. Hey, why doesn’t it have a camera? Or a coffee maker. What’s up with that? Stupid Apple. Oh no, wait, we were talking about Apple users, right?

File compatiblity. AAC with Apple-DRM is going to save the world! It works with iTunes, which everyone must use! Using other music stores makes you evil too!

Which DRM system should they have used, would you have prefered them to use Microsoft’s DRM? Oh, you want no DRM at all? Sorry, not going to happen.

aent, where do you get this stuff from? Are you recording everything that someone (who you suspect of Apple-lovin’) once said and fitted your “evil and stupid” profile and bluegh it all out at once? You whine about being called a troller. Let’s see. Only picking at bad stuff in people and companies, absurd generalizations (“so I’ll end my Apple discussion with this statement: Apple users annoy me.”), yep, sounds like trolling to me. Sorry.