Well, it’s here: the peer to peer file sharing software that uses BitTorrent for the actual file distribution.

It’s called “eXeem”:http://www.exeem.com and it said to be loaded with crap and spyware. I didn’t know that, so I installed it. There’s a clean version now as well called “eXeem Lite”:http://www.exlite.net.

It works quite well. There are not too many people online, but the stuff that you can download comes in pretty quickly through BitTorrent. The most interesting feature is the “new files” tab, which shows the latest files added to the network in different categories (movies, music, applications etc.):

Generally eXeem is not very interesting. It’s the first peer to peer application that uses bittorrent for its distribution, but that’s it. Other than that it’s adware it isn’t really amazing in any particular way. But it’s only an initial beta preview, version 0.20, things can improve. I would like some of my “TorrentNet”:http://www.zefhemel.com/archives/2004/11/13/torrentnet features in it though…