Free Culture

About two years ago, Lawrence Lessig gave one of his talks on OSCON (the Open Source Convention) about the free culture. I never heard of it until a couple of days ago. You can find a flash movie “here”: (8MB) that shows the slides and lets you hear him talk.

As you may know, I’m still rather cynical about the free software movement, a movement that is very closely related to free culture. Lawrence Lessig, who’s a Stanford Law professor, is a great speaker. His talk makes a lot of sense. My trouble, still, is that he only talks about the consumer side of the story. How rights are limited for them. Yes, that’s very important, but I assume these rules are there for a reason, other than to be just plain evil.

Is it, in today’s world, possible for companies to survive without copyright law and patents?

Would companies still invest in innovation if they know that five seconds after they released their innovative product, it is copied by dozens of other companies?