10 GB For Free!

It has happened. After Gmail started offering 1GB of free e-mail space there was no way to stop what now, finally, happened. Haven’t heard it? It’s big news on all big tech sites!

“Search Engine News: 10GB of Free Storage Space”:http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/blog/050117-194009
“C|Net: Company offers 10GB of Net storage, for free”:http://news.com.com/Company+offers+10GB+of+Net+storage,+for+free/2100-1038_3-5537230.html?part=rss&tag=5537230&subj=news.1038.20
“TechSpot: Streamload offers free 10GB online storage”:http://www.techspot.com/story16772.html
“AnandTech: Company offers 10GB of Net storage, for free”:http://www.anandtech.com/news/shownews.aspx?i=23657
“Silicon.com: 10GB online storage — for free”:http://hardware.silicon.com/storage/0,39024649,39127100,00.htm
“ZDNet: Firm offers free 10GB online storage”:http://news.zdnet.co.uk/internet/ecommerce/0,39020372,39184377,00.htm

That’s right. There’s a company that offers 10GB of space…


Ahuh! Check it out “at Streamload”:http://www.streamload.com!

Oh and by the way, I’m sure this doesn’t really matter, but there’s a 100MB/month download limit. No biggie. Hmm. Wait. Let’s do some simple math, just for the heck of it, ok? Let’s assume you loaded up your files and all and proudly filled up your 10GB. You used your 10GB to backup all your data. 10GB is enough, right? Then your harddisk crashes. Damn. Thank god I got a backup!

Surprise, surprise! It will take you over eight years to get your files back. What!? Yep, absolutely. You got (roughly) 10,000 MB of data and can only transfer 100 each month. 10,000/100 = 100 months. That’s 8 1/3 year.

So, is this a scam service? No. It’s a fine service. Just too much emphasis is put on the free part. If you pay, you can get more bandwidth. Makes it much more useful too. But all sites talk about 10GB for free, while that really isn’t that useful if you can only get 1% of it back each month. That’s only 3 1/3 MB each day…

Makes a great headline though. I can tell you that. I got that headline.