Mac Must-Have Software

Since the recent launch of the Mac Mini and more and more people in my surroundings buyings Macs, I thought I’d just list must-have Mac software. So, here it goes:

* “Firefox”: the webbrowser of my choice, on Windows, Linux and also Mac OS X.
* “Desktop Manager”: a must-have tool that sets you up with multiple desktops between which you can switch smoothly.
* “Quicksilver”: allows you to quickly launch common applications and tasks.
* “Skype”: for peer to peer internet telephony.
* “Adium”: the best IM client for multiple networks (ICQ, MSN, AIM etc.) based on the GAIM library. Personally I don’t use Adium though, I use “Psi”:, an Jabber client which supports MSN, ICQ and AIM transports.
* “Cyberduck”: fairly good FTP client. Best free one I’ve found yet, anyway.
* “Audacity”: for sound editting.
* “VLC Media Player”: very nice movie player, plays most well-known formats, such as MPEG, DivX and Xvid.
* “Acquisition”: very nice peer to peer file sharing software.
* “NewNewsWire”: RSS reader. Personally I use the web-based “BlogLines”: though.
* “Fink”: the APT-GET of Mac OS X. Software that allows you to easily build and/or install hundreds of popular Unix software. There are many ports of pieces of Linux software available here, including GNOME and KDE3 (for those who’d want to use that). There’s an alternative for Fink, called “Darwin Ports”: that’s more like BSD ports.

Generally good software resources:
* “GNU Mac OS X Public Archive”: contains many OS X versions of GNU tools.
* “Version Tracker”: huge collection of cool OS X applications.

Good luck with your Mac OS X journey.