Rethinking the Boundaries

Tim O’Reilly, who started some book publishing company you might have heard of, has the best job ever.

But, what I really want to start with is just a brief idea about what we think we do at O’Reilly. Some of you have heard this before, but I really want to get this point across. We don’t publish books. What we really do is we try to capture the knowledge that the innovators among us have. We basically are all about helping to change the world by getting the knowledge of the people who are inventing the future. So we try to find people who are really cool, doing interesting things, and find ways to spread the word. Sometimes that’s a book, sometimes it’s a conference, sometimes it is online publishing, or it might just be going out there and doing some activism.

This is coming from a talk that was held like half a year ago, but if you never heard or read it in some form, you really should. You can find the talk in “audio”: and “transcribed”: Tim discusses what he sees as the emerging markets, the places where important changes are going to, and already take place in the IT industry (hint: open source and networked computing). Very insightful and very interesting to listen to (or read).